9.7. Replacement of brake boots of drum brake mechanisms of back wheels

Design of drum brake mechanisms of back wheels

1 — the Anchor finger
2 — the Cap
3 — the Brake board
4 — the Control stopper
5 — Pruzhina
6 — the Forward brake boot
7 — the pumping Gate
8 — Pruzhina of pistons
9 — a piston Cup
10 — the Piston
11 — the Boot
12 — the Lock ring
13 — the Executive lever
14 — the Wavy washer

15 — the Back boot
16 — the Adjusting razzhimny level
17 — the Boot
18 — the Piston
19 — a piston Cup
20 — the Wheel cylinder
21 — the regulator Lever
22 — a spring Saddle
23 — the Directing spring
24 — the Holder of a spring
25 — Pruzhina of the regulator
26 — the Top coupling spring
27 — the Lower coupling spring



  1. Prop up forward wheels of the car antiretractable boots. Release the parking brake. A car back also establish to Poddomkratta it on props (see the illustration Scheme of an Institution of Props for fixing of the car in the lifted situation). Remove the corresponding back wheel.
  2. Remove the brake drum — if the drum is not removed even after assignment of the regulator, screw couple of bolts in its openings and begin gradually from to tighten, wringing out a drum from a brake board.
  3. Remove the coupling and directing springs of brake boots.
  4. Take off boots assembled with the regulator.
  5. Separate the regulator.
  6. In case of need remove the remained components.



  1. Installation is made as it should be, the return to an order of dismantle of components — do not forget to grease previously acting parts of a brake board, a carving of the regulator and a finger of the executive lever of the drive of the parking brake with special brake lubricant.
  2. Manually check freedom of rotation of the drum.