9.6. Removal and installation of a brake disk


  1. The car also establish to Poddomkratta it on props (see the illustration Scheme of an Institution of Props for fixing of the car in the lifted situation). Remove the corresponding forward wheel.
  2. Remove a support of the brake mechanism (see Removal and installation of a support of the disk brake mechanism), without disconnecting from it the hydraulic line. Tie up a support a wire to suspension bracket elements — try not to allow tension of a brake hose.
  3. Uncover a stupichny nut.
  4. Give a bearing nut, remove a lock ring, a shpindelny, persistent and lock washer, turn off a stupichny nut remove a nave assembled with a brake disk.
  5. In case of need separate a disk from a nave.
  6. Installation is made upside-down.