9.15. Removal and installation of the ABS hydromodulator


  1. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
  2. Merge hydraulic liquid from brake lines.
  3. Mark adjusting position of lines and disconnect them from assembly of the hydromodulator (see the illustration Scheme of an Arrangement on the car of the ABS elements).
  4. Disconnect an electrical wiring from the modulator.
  5. Give three fixing nuts and remove assembly of the hydromodulator.
  6. Without tightening nipple sockets connect hydraulic lines to the modulator.
  7. Establish assembly of the modulator on the regular place and tighten fixing nuts.
  8. Tighten nipple sockets of brake lines with the required effort.
  9. In conclusion add necessary amount of hydraulic liquid of the required grade in the GTTs tank and pump over the brake system (see Pumping of the brake system).