6. Feed and control systems

Placed in the fuel tank electric submersible fuel наос functions under control of ECM and it is activated when giving from the grounding signal module on the pump relay. Electric food is kept on the relay during up to 5 seconds at inclusion of ignition and during the whole time of a provorachivaniye of the engine by a starter.

The relay also remains powered during the whole time of delivery for ECM of a signal "180 °" from the sensor of position of the camshaft (CMP).

The pump provides supply of fuel under a pressure to the fuel highway. Fuel pressure in injectors is controlled by the special regulator placed in the returnable line between the highway and fuel a tank. The regulator of pressure consists of two separate tight cameras (fuel and spring) divided among themselves by a diaphragm. Gasoline comes to a fuel chamber through similar port from the fuel highway, in the spring camera depression from the inlet pipeline moves. Such principle of management of a diaphragm allows to support fuel pressure in the highway at the set level depending on the current load of the engine. So, on single turns depression depth in the inlet pipeline is rather big that leads to a deflection of a diaphragm and branch back in the fuel tank of bigger amount of fuel. Squeezing of a pedal of an accelerator leads to decrease in depth of depression in the pipeline, at the same time the effort developed by a spring leads to the diaphragm shift, an overshoot of the returnable line and, as a result, increase in pressure of injection.

ECM determines duration of opening of valves of injectors on the basis of the analysis of information arriving from sensors of position of the camshaft (CMP) and measurement of mass of air (MAF). Width of the developed ECM of command impulses defines quality of the air-fuel mix injected into combustion chambers.

So enrichment of mix is made by the module of management in the following situations:

Impoverishment of mix is made:

The feedback organized through a lambda probe allows ECM to make the thin corrections of quality of air-fuel mix allowing to try to obtain the maximum return from the engine at the minimum level of toxicity of products of combustion. The rupture of a chain of feedback happens to transition to the mode of continuous functioning in the following situations:

Fuel injectors represent the small electromagnetic valves having the high level of controllability. Opening of valves happens on the signals given to ECM having the form of rectangular impulses and leads to high-pressure injection of fuel directly in engine combustion chambers. The necessary pressure is provided with the fuel pump and controlled by pressure regulator (see above).

Style of driving has significant effect on fuel consumption. Several councils for reasonable use of a pedal of an accelerator on the cars equipped with system of injection of fuel are given below:

Security measures and rules of respect for purity during the work with fuel system

General rules

Security measures at removal of the fuel tank