4. Engine

This Head is devoted to the description of procedures of service and capital repairs of the 3.3 l 6-cylinder V-shaped engine equipped with system of the distributed fuel injection.

Each of heads of cylinders of the engine is equipped with two camshafts of the top arrangement (DOHC) operating functioning of a 24-ta of valves (on 4 on each of cylinders). The engine has a compact design which main component are made of light aluminum alloy the block also heads of cylinders.

The bent shaft is put in 4 radical bearings which covers are united in monolithic assembly. The fourth radical bearing is persistent and in addition controls an axial side play of a shaft.

Pistons are equipped two compression and one oil scraper with rings. The piston fingers having semi-floating landing are pressed in the top heads of rods. In the lower heads replaceable inserts of conrod bearings are located.

The engine has liquid cooling on the basis of the centrifugal rotor pump put in action from a gear belt. Cooling liquid circulates on internal galleries of the engine, washing cylinders and combustion chambers, and also is banished on the channels equipped in the inlet pipeline.

Supply of lubricant to internal components of the engine is carried out by the gear oil pump located in a forward part of the engine under a cover of a gas-distributing belt. The drive of an internal gear wheel of the pump is carried out directly from a bent shaft. Oil is sucked in via the mesh filter from the case pallet, then banished via the full-line filter of cartridge type.

The list of the repair work performed without extraction of the engine from the car

The listed below following repair work can be performed without removal of the engine from the car:

* Though after removal of a head of the block and the pallet (without removing the engine) there is a possibility of dismantle of conrod and piston assemblies, it is not necessary to abuse such opportunity in view of the difficulties connected with need of respect for purity and carrying out a number of preparatory procedures. In view of told, the description of this procedure is provided further in the text of the present Chapter.

Before works make careful cleaning of a motive compartment and the external surfaces of the power unit with application of one of a wide range of special solvents. Such processing will allow to avoid hit of dirt in the engine.

In case of need, the forthcoming work determined by character, it is possible to remove a cowl for the purpose of ensuring freedom of access to the components which are subject to service — in order to avoid casual damage of a paint and varnish covering cover car wings with special covers, or just old blankets.