3.12. Replacement of the filtering air cleaner element

The air cleaner is installed in the left forward corner of a motive compartment (see the illustration Scheme of an Arrangement of Subjects to check of components of a motive compartment).


  1. Release clamps and lift an air cleaner cover.
  1. Take the filtering element.
  2. Wipe the case and a cover of the air cleaner. Establish the new filtering element (a rubber flange up) and fix a cover by clamps.

Start of the engine at removed by the air cleaner is fraught with receiving burns — the air cleaner serves not only for a filtration of the air which is soaked up in the engine, but also carries out a flame arrester role at backfires!
Do not fill in fuel to the throttle case at the removed air cleaner for the purpose of simplification of start of the engine at all!