10.6. Adjustment of a pretightness of stupichny bearings of forward wheels


  1. Remove a support of the brake mechanism with blocks (see the Head the Brake system).
  2. Check purity of the bearing and availability of lubricant in it. By means of a special stripper (KV40105400) tighten a stupichny nut with effort of 79 — 98 Nanometers. For shrinkage of the bearing rotate a nave in both directions.
  3. Release a nut so that the possibility of its rotation manually appeared. Rotate a nave in both directions, then again tighten a nut with effort of 0.5 — 1.5 Nanometers.
  4. By means of the dial measuring instrument of plunger type measure the size of an axial side play of the bearing — the nominal rate makes 0.0 mm.
  5. By means of a dynamometer of the bezmenny type connected to one of wheel hairpins check effort of a pretightness of the bearing.
  6. Hold on a stupichny nut in the range of 15 — 30 degrees, having provided a possibility of adequate installation of a lock washer. Rotate a nave in both directions, then once again measure bearing pretightness size. The nominal rate makes a difference between results of the second and first measurements and should not exceed the limit  of the range of 0.7 — 2.1 kgfs.