10:29. Removal and installation of the lock of ignition / blocking of a steering column


  1. Deactivate SRS (see the Head Elektrooborudovaniye).
  2. Remove the top and lower sections of a casing of a steering column.
  3. Disconnect an electrical wiring from the ignition switch.
  4. Tilt and accurately drill two fixing srezny bolts and remove assembly of the lock of ignition / blocking of a steering column.
  5. Establish assembly of the lock on a steering column — track that the pin of the lock got to a reciprocal opening in a steering column. After weak tightening of srezny bolts at the first stage of installation insert a key into the lock of ignition and check serviceability of functioning of the last, only after it tighten fixing bolts finally (before cutting of heads).
  6. Further installation is made as it should be, the return to an order of dismantle of components.