10:28. Removal and installation of assembly of the combined understeering switches

Replacement of understeering switches can be made in an individual order without removal of assembly of the basis from a steering column.


  1. Deactivate SRS (see the Head Elektrooborudovaniye).
  2. Remove a steering wheel (see Removal and installation of a steering wheel).
  3. Disconnect an electrical wiring from assembly of the spiral cable reel and turn out bolts of fastening of the last to the basis of the combined understeering switches.
  4. Remove the cable reel.
  5. Disconnect an electrical wiring from the combined understeering switches.
  1. Turn out screws of fastening of the basis of assembly of understeering switches.

If there is a need for removal any one of switches, turn out screws of its fastening to the basis.

  1. Installation is made upside-down.