10:27. Removal and installation of a steering wheel

The cars considered in the present manual are equipped with system of additional safety of SRS better known as a safety cushion. Before performing any works near assembly of a pillow or a steering column, without fail disconnect system in order to avoid getting injured as a result of its casual operation (see the Head Elektrooborudovaniye). Isolation and contact sockets of an electrical wiring of a chain of SRS are painted in bright yellow color. It is not necessary to connect any diagnostic units to this chain!


Bolts of fastening of the module of a safety cushion are put on special sealant and are not subject to reuse.


  1. Before starting removal of a steering wheel, deactivate SRS (see the Head Elektrooborudovaniye).
  2. Remove the lower cover of a casing of a steering column.
  3. Disconnect an electrical wiring from the module of a driver's frontal safety cushion, then remove the left and right sections of a casing.
  1. By means of a key like TORX turn out bolts of fastening of the module (see the prevention).
  1. Remove a safety cushion and the spiral cable reel. Transfer assembly to a workbench and lay it a slip up.
  2. Bring forward wheels of the car into rectilinear situation.
  3. Disconnect a horn electrical wiring, and also all other electrical wiring preventing removal of a steering wheel.
  4. Give a nut of fastening of a steering wheel, remove a washer and mark the provision of a wheel concerning a shaft of a steering column.
  1. By means of a special stripper remove a steering wheel and disconnect a cable of the drive of blocking of switching of AT.

Do not draw a stripper bolt! Do not make attempts of knocking down of a steering wheel by means of the hammer!



  1. Make sure that forward wheels still are in rectilinear situation.
  2. Check correctness of combination of a uvula of the sensor switch of the returnable device of the switch of indexes of turn with reciprocal risky the understeering switch.
  1. Make sure that the spiral SRS cable reel is in neutral (central) situation, and adjusting tags correctly are combined.

At the wrong installation the cable reel can be jammed at strong deployment of a steering wheel!

  1. Install the reel on a steering column. In case of need make centering of a drum for what turn it on 2.5 turns from extreme situation and achieve combination of adjusting tags. For reliability temporarily fix a drum in neutral situation by means of an adhesive tape.
  1. Connect an electrical wiring to the cable reel.
  2. Connect a cable of blocking of switching of AT.
  3. Establish a casing of a steering column and remove the adhesive tape fixing the cable reel.
  4. Establish a steering wheel — track correctness of hit of the directing pin of the cable reel in reciprocal nests.
  5. Pass the cable reel throughout a wheel nave.
  6. Connect a horn electrical wiring, then enter the cable reel into gearing with ratchet doggies of a steering wheel.
  7. Tighten a nut of fastening of a steering wheel with the required effort.
  8. Install into place the safety cushion module, screw NEW fixing bolts and tighten them with the required effort.
  9. Establish into place the remained elements of a casing of a steering column.
  10. In conclusion make SRS activation (see the Head Elektrooborudovaniye).