10:12. Removal and installation of components and assembly of a back suspension bracket

The general design of a back suspension bracket — cm. illustration Design of a Back Suspension Bracket.

Details of installation of elements of a back suspension bracket on the car


  1. Before starting an otpuskaniye of fixture of components, prop up assembly of the back bridge a cart jack, having enclosed the wooden block on its head.
  2. Having hung out a suspension bracket, disconnect hydraulic brake lines and cables of the drive of the parking brake from brake boards.

In order to avoid a rounding off of shlits of cap nipple nuts use a special cap key with a cutting head. Remove wheel ABS sensors from a suspension bracket and take them aside together with the connected electrical wiring.

  1. Release fixture of collars of fastening of a bar of the back stabilizer of cross resistance to a body.
  2. Give fixture and disconnect the top and lower levers of a suspension bracket from the car bottom.
  3. Disconnect the driveshaft from the main transfer of the back bridge.
  4. Give nuts of fastening of the top support of back shock-absorbers.
  5. In case of need remove the components needing replacement from assembly.
  6. Installation is made upside-down.

Final tightening of fixture of the elements equipped with rubber plugs is made in the unloaded state with the wheels lowered on the earth.