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Infiniti QX4

The Japanese Nissan Terrano SUV is on sale in the USA under the name Nissan Pathfinder. The American office of Nissan Motors corporation — Infiniti — in 1996 submitted more magnificent version of this SUV which received the name Infiniti QX4.

The all-wheel drive SUV of the luxury class Infiniti QX4 with a body the 5-door Versatile person is created on the frame chassis of the known Nissan Pathfinder/Terrano II models. The main difference of QX4 is hidden in system of the four-wheel drive which principle of action is tested on the sports Nissan Skyline GT-R car offered the Japanese buyers. The interaxal differential of QX4 is operated with the viscous coupling with electronic "brain", depending on the frequency of rotation of each wheel, a bent shaft of the engine and the provision of a pedal of an accelerator.

Externally the Infiniti QX4 differs from Nissan Pathfinder only in registration of a front and wheel arches. But luxury of salon 10 times more. Expensive skin of Connoly upholstered not only seats, but also door panels, a steering wheel and the lever of gear shifting. Two forward safety cushions, a steering wheel with the built-in buttons of adjustment of the audio system and the automatic conditioner of air supplement the equipment of salon.

Under a cowl at the Infiniti QX4 the six-cylinder, 24-valvate V-shaped petrol engine with the top arrangement of four (on two on each of heads of cylinders) camshafts (DOHC) settles down. The volume of cylinders makes 3.3 l, the power developed by the engine — 170 h.p. The engine works together with four-stage automatic transmission with the raising transfer and electronic control.