8.4.3. Check of a condition of driveshafts

At emergence of vibrations at high speeds of the movement it is necessary to check the size of a beating of driveshafts first of all.


  1. The car also establish to Poddomkratta it on props (see the illustration Scheme of an Institution of Props for fixing of the car in the lifted situation).
  2. Attentively examine driveshafts on existence of deformations and other mechanical damages.
  1. Manually turning a connecting flange of the corresponding main transfer, measure the size of a radial beating of the driveshaft by means of the dial measuring instrument of plunger type.
  1. If the result of measurement goes beyond repartitions of admissible range (see. The transmission line, Specifications), disconnect a shaft from a flange of the main transfer, turn it on 180 ° and again connect. Repeat measurement — at negative results of measurement replace a shaft.
  1. If noise in the central bearing took place, make its replacement.

Check on a workbench


  1. Remove the driveshaft, lay it in V-shaped blocks and measure the size of a radial beating. If the result of measurement exceeds limit value, admissible on Specifications (see. Transmission line), replace a shaft.
  1. Estimate side play size in the cardan hinge of a shaft — if the side play exceeds admissible value (see. The transmission line, Specifications), also make replacement of a shaft.