8.3.6. Removal and installation of back half shafts


  1. The car also establish to Poddomkratta it on props (see the illustration Scheme of an Institution of Props for fixing of the car in the lifted situation). Remove the corresponding back wheel.
  2. Disconnect a cable of the drive of the parking brake and the brake line.
  3. Remove bolts of fastening of a brake board and casings of the wheel bearing.
  4. By means of the hammer with sliding brisk with a suitable nozzle remove a half shaft with a casing of the bearing and a brake board.
  5. Take an epiploon from a bridge case.
  6. Record quantity and thickness of the adjusting washers established between a casing of the bearing and a case of the bridge.
  7. At the corresponding complete set remove a rotor of the wheel sensor.
  8. Straighten a uvula of a lock washer, then by means of a nozzle of ST38020000 give a stupichny nut.
  9. By means of a press remove from a half shaft the bearing and a brake board.
  10. Brass drift beat out from a bearing casing an epiploon with an external holder.



  1. Establish an external holder and a new epiploon in a bearing casing, previously having greased sealing sponges of the last with jellied lubricant.
  2. Put the remote plug of the bearing on a half shaft, having developed it a facet to a half shaft flange.
  3. By means of a brass drift put an internal holder of the bearing. Fill the bearing lubricant.
  4. Establish a flat washer and a new lock washer. By means of a special head tighten a stupichny nut with the required effort — track correctness of combination of a uvula lock washers from a lysky nut. Bend a lock uvula up.
  5. Put a new epiploon in a bridge case.

Do not establish adjusting washers of the choice of an axial side play between an epiploon and a separator of the bearing.

  1. Fill an epiploon and deepening in a bridge case lubricant. Oil motive half shaft vents.
  2. Establish adjusting washers of selection of an axial side play on the former places.
  3. By means of special ST37840000 adaptation establish a half shaft and tighten fixing bolts.
  4. By means of the dial measuring instrument of plunger type check an axial side play of a half shaft — in case of need make necessary adjustment by selection of adjusting washers — try not to damage an epiploon.
  5. Further installation is made as it should be, the return to an order of dismantle of components.
  6. In case of need pump over the brake system.