8.1.7. Removal and installation of valvate assembly of a hydraulic contour of management of AT

The detailed description of a design, the principle of functioning and procedures of service and capital repairs of valvate assembly is provided in the Guide to automatic transmissions of the ARUS series No. 179 (ISBN 5-89744-069-7).

Details of fastening of valvate assembly of management of AT

Length of bolts, mm:

And — 33
In — 45


  1. Remove forward section of system of production of the fulfilled gases.
  1. Remove the case pallet with sealing laying and merge ATF.
  1. In case of need remove ATF temperature sensor.
  1. Remove the mesh filter.
  2. Disconnect an electrical wiring, turn out fixing bolts (try to remember the adjusting provision of bolts) and remove valvate assembly (see an illustration of the Detail of fastening of valvate assembly of management of AT).
  1. In case of need make replacement of the failed internal components of valvate assembly, for extraction of accumulators A, B, C and D use compressed air.
  1. Assembly and installation are made as it should be, the return to an order of dismantle of components — do not forget to replace all sealing elements, track that all fixture was tightened with the required effort.