8.1.1. General information

4-staged AT with electronic control of the RE4R01A type is included in a basic equipment of the Infiniti QX4 cars

In view of complexity of a design of AT, absence on free sale of replaceable internal components, and need of use of the special equipment, authors of the present manual do not recommend to owners of cars to carry out capital repairs of transmission by own forces. In the present Chapter only procedures of diagnostics of the general refusals of transmission, its routine maintenance, adjustments, removals and installations are considered.

Sometimes, in case of serious breakage, it is more reasonable and simpler to replace transmission, than to spend time and funds for restoration of the failed assembly. Regardless of the chosen way of introduction of the refused AT to action, independent performing procedures of its removal and installation will help to cut down substantially expenses (before make sure that transmission really needs recovery repair).

The detailed description of a design and the principles of functioning of transmission is provided in the Management of the ARUS series No. 179 (ISBN 5-89744-069-7).