5.7. Removal and installation of the fan of the cooling system

At the working engine try not to touch with hands and free elements of clothes such moving components as driving belts and a krylchatka of the fan!

Details of installation of the fan of the cooling system



  1. Do not weaken a tension of a driving belt due to removal of a pulley of the drive of the fan / the water pump.
  1. The fan drive clutch coupling is not subject to recovery repair and in case of failure has to be replaced assembled. Estimate freedom of rotation of the coupling.
  1. If marking in the form of F letter is applied on the surface of ventilatory assembly, it has to be established by this party on the engine forward.
  2. Installation of a driving belt has to be made only after fastening bolts / nut krylchatki/couplings of its coupling to a flange of the water pump are tightened with the required effort.
  3. Remember that correctness of centering of components of ventilatory assembly is of great importance and even its insignificant violation can lead to separation of a krylchatka from a landing flange, development of fight and damage of components.
  1. Having finished installation, make sure of lack of axial and radial side plays of a krylchatka.