5.12. A receiver dehumidifier - the general information and service

The receiver dehumidifier serves in the air conditioning system for a filtration, drainage and temporary storage of the coolant which is going out of the condenser. The tank of a receiver is equipped with the mesh filter providing elimination of foreign particles and pollution and cleaning of them of a system path.

Dehumidifier receiver service life in modern air conditioning systems of Infiniti using R134a coolant makes about 10 years whereas earlier, when using R-12 coolant replacement of a receiver had to be carried out rather regularly owing to a congestion of excess of moisture in it. The design of components of modern systems allows to avoid hit of moisture to the highway due to use of special additives, sealing elements of the compressor, the hidden sealing rings and waterproof hoses.

Every time at a detachment of a receiver or any other components of a refrigerator path cork the open ends of nipple connections and connecting lines in order to avoid hit in system of moisture.

Replacement of a receiver dehumidifier in modern air conditioning systems has to be made only in the following cases: