5.10. Structure of the refrigerator highway of the air conditioning system

The refrigerator path of air conditioning system has the standard organization.

Scheme of the organization of a refrigerator path of the air conditioning system

After an exit from the compressor coolant is banished via the condenser, comes to a receiver / dehumidifier, is pumped over via the evaporator and comes back in the compressor. Process of transition of coolant to gaseous state is controlled from the outside by means of the evaporator of the broad valve which is built in assembly.

Protection of system against excessive decrease / increase in pressure is carried out by means of the sensor switch which is built in in a receiver — as soon as pressure in system exceeds the limit of admissible range (up or down), the sensor switch is disconnected, stopping functioning of the compressor.

Besides, the safety valve which is carrying out emergency dumping of surplus of coolant into the atmosphere at excess by pressure in a path of value in 3.73 kPa is built in a back part of the compressor.