4.8. Replacement of a forward epiploon of a bent shaft

The forward epiploon of a bent shaft is put in the case of the oil pump, authors of the present manual recommend to remove the pump previously.



  1. Remove the oil pump (see Removal, service and installation of the oil pump).
  1. Having hooked the suitable tool, take an old epiploon from the landing nest in a pump housing. Act carefully — try not to damage sealing walls of a nest. Try to remember adjusting to the poloyezhena of an epiploon.



  1. Grease sealing sponges of a new epiploon with pure motive oil.
  1. Fill an epiploon in a reception nest and by means of a suitable mandrel press it aflush with an external surface of a pump housing.

As a mandrel the replaceable face head of the corresponding size, or a piece of a pipe of suitable diameter can be used, the mandrel has to rest only against a rigid face surface of an epiploon!

  1. Further installation is made as it should be, the return to an order of dismantle of components — track that all fixture was tightened with the required effort.