4.13. Removal, service and installation of the oil pump

The oil pump is installed in a forward part of the engine and equipped with the built-in reducing valve. The valve is built in by Perepuskna in transitional the flange of the oil filter located on the block of cylinders and access to it opens after removal of the last.

Removal and dismantling


  1. Merge motive oil.
  2. Empty a cooling system radiator (see the Head Routine maintenance).
  3. Remove an air inlet sleeve
  4. Remove the cooling system fan with a casing.
  5. Remove the top and lower radiator hoses.
  6. Remove the case pallet (see Removal and installation of the pallet of a case).
  7. Take off a GRM drive belt (see Replacement of a belt of the GRM drive).
  8. Remove the oil pump.
  9. Uncover with the pump with sealing laying and take from the gear wheel case.
  10. Turn out a stopper of the reducing valve and take from a nest in a pump housing a valvate spring and a plunger. Check a spring for existence of deformations, and a plunger — for existence of scratches and zadir. Defective components are subject to replacement.

Check of a state


  1. Carefully wash out components of pump assembly in solvent.
  1. Measure the size of working gaps of gear wheels of the pump. Compare results of measurements to requirements of Specifications. If the size of gaps goes beyond admissible values, replace gear wheels or pump assembly.

    A — Measurement of gaps between tops of teeths of gear wheels and between an external gear wheel and the case
    B — Measurement of size of an axial side play of gear wheels
    With — Measurement of a gap of landing of the acting part of an internal gear wheel in a pump housing



  1. Establish gear wheels in a pump housing and fill cavities between their teeths technical vaseline (as initial filling at primary start).

Assembly and installation


  1. Establish in pump assembly a new forward epiploon of a bent shaft (see Replacement of a forward epiploon of a bent shaft).
  2. Oil components of pump assembly by pure motive and put a set of gear wheels and components of the reducing valve in the case.
  3. Establish into place a cover and fill in motive oil in the pump.
  4. Install the pump on the engine — do not forget to change sealing laying. Establish a maslozaborny tube (also with a new sealing ring).
  5. Grease screws of fastening of a cover of the pump with the anti-taking sealant. Establish a cover, screw screws and tighten them with the required effort. Establish a spring and a plunger of the reducing valve in a pump housing. Having replaced a sealing washer, screw a stopper and strongly tighten it.