2.6.5. An operations procedure at an engine overheat

At an engine overheat the movement of the car has to be suspended!
In order to avoid receiving burns superheated steam never uncover a radiator at the hot engine!

At a release of indications of the measuring instrument of temperature of cooling liquid (see the car Equipment, an arrangement of devices and governing bodies) or the noticeable decrease developed by the engine of power it is necessary to work as follows:


  1. Slow down speed and take away the car on a roadside. Cock the parking brake and transfer the AT selector lever to situation "P".

Before switching-off the engine, make sure that the light indicator of the modes of the transfer case and/or a control lamp of inclusion of the mode 4LO is switched on, and the alarm indicator of refusal of inclusion of the AT parking function (Pacific Rim) — is switched off (see the car Equipment, an arrangement of devices and governing bodies)! Do not suppress the engine!

  1. Switch off the air conditioner, open all windows and include on the maximum productivity system of heating of salon and the fan of a heater (see Comfort).
  2. If the overheat of the engine is connected with long rise uphill or the increased air temperature, lift engine turns to value of bystry idling (about 1500 a minute) and wait for normalization of indications of the measuring instrument.
  3. Go out of the car and visually and before opening a cowl, aurally make sure of lack of signs of steam formation and leak of superheated cooling liquid.
  4. Carefully open a cowl — prepare that steam leak nevertheless can take place.
  5. Visually estimate a condition of driving belts, check serviceability of functioning of the fan of the cooling system. In case of identification of signs of leak of cooling liquid, break of a belt of the drive of the fan of the cooling system or refusal of functioning of the last for any other reason, kill the engine.

Watch that your hands, hair and free elements of clothes did not get to contact with moving components in a motive compartment (driving belts, a krylchatka of the fan, etc.)! Remember that the cooling system fan at the hot engine can be activated any minute!

  1. After cooling of the engine start it (if suppressed) and check liquid level a broad tank of the cooling system, in case of need make the corresponding adjustment (see the Head Routine maintenance). At identification of more serious damages drive away the car on the nearest car repair shop.