2.5.11. Recommendations about fuel economy

Try to disperse slowly and smoothly, during the movement adhere to the chosen cruiser speed, trying to change position of the accelerator pedal as seldom as possible.

At movement along the highway adhere to the moderate high-speed mode — the movement with excessively high speeds leads to increase in fuel consumption.

Proportion the speed of the movement to a condition of a paving.

Try to avoid long functioning of the engine on single turns.

You watch that the engine and systems of its management always correctly were customized.

Perform procedures of routine maintenance of the car according to the Schedule (see the Head Routine maintenance).

You watch that tires were pumped up correctly.

Periodically check the angles of installation of forward wheels of the car, in case of need you make the corresponding adjustments.

Remember that activation of the air conditioning system leads to increase in fuel consumption, - avoid unmotivated inclusions К/В.

At the movement with high speeds use To/in affects on increase in fuel consumption less, than opening of windows.

Use the mode 4H only in cases of the valid need.