2.1. Access, protection

Four keys are included in the package of any Infiniti car: two main keys, a service key and the placed in the special holder on the plastic card, safety key, suitable to locks of all doors.

1 — the Main key 1 (with the built-in microchip)
2 — the Main key 2 (with the built-in microchip)
3 — the Service key (with the built-in microchip)
4 — the Gilded emblem
5 — the Gilded emblem
6 — Blackened emblem
7 — Plastina with identification number
8 — the Safety key
9 — the Plastic card holder

Start of the engine of the car is possible only by means of the keys equipped with the microchip main and service. The microchip which is built in a key head without fail undergoes the registration procedure of combination with a receiver of system of an immobilization of the engine. By means of a safety key start of the engine is not possible.

By means of the main keys it is possible to open for any of the locks put on the car. The service key does not approach locks of the luggage compartment and a ware box and is intended for transfer to service personnel of car repair shops and public parkings.

The safety key is fixed in the special holder on the plastic card and is intended for storage in a wallet.

Try not to leave under no circumstances keys in interior of the car.

Write down identification number of keys on the special, delivered complete with them plate which then remove to the reliable place and store out of the car that in case of loss to have an opportunity to order a key in service center of the Infiniti company.

At the order of a new set of keys in service center it is necessary to deliver also the control unit of system of an immobilization as process of registration means full cleaning of memory of the device. Use on one car to 5 keys equipped with the microchip is allowed.