10:18. Pumping of a hydraulic path of the steering drive

Try not to hold a steering wheel in extreme provisions of more than 15 seconds in a row!

Presence of air traffic jams in the hydraulic highway to system of strengthening of a wheel leads to emergence of the clicking sounds or intensive hum, published during the operation of the steering pump.


  1. Switch off ignition.
  2. The car also establish to Poddomkratta it on props (see the illustration Scheme of an Institution of Props for fixing of the car in the lifted situation). Check liquid level in the tank of the steering pump, in case of need make the corresponding adjustment (see the Head Routine maintenance).
  3. Quickly rotate a steering wheel from an emphasis against the stop until liquid level in the tank does not cease to decrease and allocation of air bubbles will not stop.
  4. Start the engine on single turns and again several times turn a steering wheel from an emphasis against the stop (see the prevention).
  5. In case of need make adjustment of level of hydraulic liquid and continue pumping.
  6. After allocation of bubbles completely stops, finally modify GUR liquid level. Track durability of landing of a cover of the tank.